Our Programs

Class A  – Motorcycle

Motorcycle and Tuk Tuk: KES 7400 License included

The Boda Boda industry is one of the biggest employers in Kenya. 2 out of 5 youth who graduate from High School end up in the sector for lack of better opportunities. The laws of Kenya requires each of them to possess a drivers license before riding a motorcycle. Acini Driving School has stepped in to help them get the requisite document and avoid harassment by police on the roads by making it possible for them to join at very low-cost. Since inception, we have issued more than 500 motorcycle licenses.

Class B  – Small Cars

Private Cars: KES 10400 License included

Kenyans love cars. Most car owners require valid drivers licenses to be on the roads. We offer discounted rates for would-be drivers to take classes for 21 days.

Class C  – Light Trucks

KES 8400 License included

Those interested in joining logistics companies as drivers are encouraged to acquire Class B licenses. This includes light and medium trucks that transport cargo locally.

Class D – Matatu

KES 8400 License included

The Matatu industry is one of the most vibrant sectors in Kenya and employees thousands of young people. It is a multi-billion industry that continues to attract investments from individuals and corporates alike. Young people looking to work in this sector as drivers are required to acquire Class D licenses.


Money Back Guarantee

We offer money back guarantee if one attends all the compulsory classes and fails to pass the exams. We have registered a 99.99% success rate since establishment.


We encourage more females on the road

Among every 5 female drivers licenses issued, we draw a free training for a drivers license she can give to another female. We need more females on the road.