Acini Driving School has upgraded its fleet of Driving vehicles with the latest addition of three new cars and two lorries. The upgrade follows an appeal to the School’s board of Directors by the Management to run parallel classes in different locations within the Rift Valley Region. “Our goal is to take the classes to the people in their own localities. Considering the fact that many families still struggle to put food on the table, we do not want to give them an additional burden of having to incur additional costs to access vital documents like a driving licence. We, therefore, want to take this as closer to them as possible so that they are able to focus on classes only and not transport to school.”

George Bakhuya will head the team that will rotate from village to village in an effort to lessen the burden for parents and their children. The upgrade will also put us in a good position to effectively compete and offer unparalleled services to our customers. With a total of 12 motor vehicles and 2 motorbikes, Acini Driving School will be one of the best equipped schools around with the capacity to train over 200 students a month. This is a great milestone hat fits into our long term goal of training over 1000 students every month.